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AZA worldwide is an official exclusive distributor of Argentum Group for Bangladesh, India & Myanmar.

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Argentum Group business information:

The Argentum Group is an innovating research and production company in Belarus, Hi-Tech resident, which specializes in nano-technologies and nano-materials implementation in different sectors of economic management. All new generation products are high efficient and eco- friendly.

Argentum Group has developed and got state registration of the product.

Silversil Stat:  is meant for the prophylaxis of mycotic infection; for shoe, carpet flooring, furniture, work wear, safety footwear dearomatizing; helps to remove nasty scents of domestic animals.

Siversil Dez:  is high efficient in removing black mold;  disinfection of all kinds of surfaces (including soft and cabinet furniture, carpet flooring);  disinfection in transport  (plane,  train,  public transport);  disinfection in school and pre-school institutions;  is used  in household waste disinfection;  disinfection in  hospital rooms; disinfection in fishing industry, dairy products industry; disinfection of other agricultural goods; disinfection during full-scale cleaning; is used  for adding into floor-washing machine;  disinfection of  food transporting containers. This product has also antibacterial effect.

Silversil Basis: is for disinfection and water cleaning in swimming pools without chloride usage.

Silversil Aqua:  is  used for drinking water cleaning,  for swimming pools cleaning;  disinfection of drinking water storage;   disinfection  of  transit  drinking water case;  for water  cleaning  and  sterilizing  in food  and  pharmaceutical  industries.  Micronutrients for plants

AgroNAN: eco- friendly micro-element complex «Agro NAN» with natural acid carboxylate basis has been developed with the help of Nanotechnologies. These received micro-elements structurally similar   and chemical purity similar to that bioorganic compound synthesized in living cells (in living cells of plants and animals).

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