Daicel Japan

AZA worldwide is an authorized distributor of Daicel Corporation for Bangladesh market. Daicel Corporation is a large multinational corporation based in Japan, was founded in 1919.


Letter of Authorization

Certificate AZA 201502-Daicel-japan

Daicel business information

Cellulosic Derivatives: Daicel Cellulosic Derivatives segment is responsible for development of Daicel’s cellulose acetate and water-soluble polymer businesses. The cellulose acetate business was started with the goal of developing the non-flammable celluloid, while the water-soluble polymer business applies cellulosic chemical technologies developed in the cellulose acetate business. These products are widely used in industry.

Organic Chemicals: Daicel develop and manufacture general-use organic chemical products made from acetic acid, fine chemical products, and organic designed products developed with our proprietary reaction technology. Daicel formulate optical resolution columns and related solutions for the development of medical products. We are developing our organic chemical businesses globally.

Plastics: Daicel’s Plastics business supplies unique products to a wide array of industrial sectors. These include a variety of plastic products such as engineering plastics, cyclic-olefin copolymers known for their excellent optical qualities, high-performance products such as polymer alloys, polystyrene-based sheets, container packing products, and functional films.

Pyrotechnic Devices: Daicel’s pyrotechnic business began with the production of single base propellant. Daicel has developed advanced products for the national defence market as well as airbag inflators, the most critical components of airbag systems for motor vehicle safety. This has now become one of our core businesses, as it makes use of a chemical company’s unique industrial strengths.

Membranes: Daicel has developed water treatment systems utilizing cellulose acetate separation membranes. Daicel produces advanced water treatment systems incorporating separation membranes. These products contribute to the health of the environment by enabling reuse of wastewater and eliminating environmentally hazardous substances.

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