Prosper Corporation


Message from the President of Prosper Corporation

Japan’s industry, now, has been to stand in a big crossroads.
In the midst of the decline of population, reduction of the decrease and labor motivation of increase and young layer of the elderly,
Hollowing out of industry due to the shift of production to the big problem of is one overseas should be reviewed.
That’s why now, and look to the future of Japanese industry, I want to walk with your company,
We want to be a company that is required.
You think so, we began to help connect people to people, people and companies, Japan and the world.
And now, we have started a new challenge.
Developed a unique plating based on high technology, it is a challenge to continue to create their own employment.
There is still a business that made possible precisely because Made in Japan.
And … in order to again shine the “Made in Japan”.
We will continue to run.


Letter of demand for recruitment of skilled workers from Bangladesh

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