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SearchInform Ltd is the leading developer of information security solutions. The company was founded in 1995 and since then specialized in data search, storage, and processing.

SearchInform Information Security Perimeter (SISP) is a company’s core software solution used to monitor, analyze and control leaks of sensitive data through e-mail, instant messengers, Skype, iPads and iPhones, removable media, file servers, social networks and web blogs, printed documents, FTP, etc. It can also find sensitive data at rest where it does not belong, control corporate laptops during business trips, and generate user connection charts.


SearchInform Ltd. has branches in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania.

SearchInform Information Security Perimeter (SISP) is used in more than 1000 companies. We provide solutions for businesses and companies of any scale in almost any sector – from banking to engineering.

SearchInform strives to expand our horizons by offering more complex and feature-rich information security products and services.

  • SearchInform new products:
  • MicrophoneSniffer (used to record employee conversations in office and on business trips);
  • WorktimeMonitor (used to monitor worktime efficiency of employees);
  • LyncSniffer (used to monitor, analyze, and control data sent over Microsoft Lync).
  • Besides launching new products and improving the quality of existing ones, SearchInform constantly works on the algorithms of fighting corrupt practices, data leaks, etc.
  • SearchInform Security Road Shows have already become a tradition. In 2013 we visited 21 cities in Russia, Ukaraine, Kazakhstan, and Latvia.



The aim of all roadshows is to bring knowledge and expertise to our customers and journalists, as well as to demonstrate new products and solutions.

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